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What the tax overhaul means for investors 2018-1-16 18:47:10 The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is poised to boost a U.S. economy already running at full capacity. A windfall from lower taxes and... Make Yourself Useful 2018-1-16 18:47:09 I forget where I read this but someone did a post about how the best career advice you could give a young kid starting out is... Back-door Roth Blessed by Congress 2018-1-16 18:47:09 For years now, the back-door Roth IRA contribution method has been discussed ad nauseam in the financial industry press. It’s... Breaking Up Tech: Indexes doing what the economy wont 2018-1-15 17:22:16 Nobody wants to say this but I will. The technology sector has gotten so big, so pervasive and powerful, that the stock marke... Martin 2018-1-15 17:22:15 Martin Luther King Jr. conveyed some incredibly moving ideas and left us with a few extraordinary quotations during the cours... 7 portfolio ideas for 2018 2018-1-15 15:17:22 We see three key themes shaping economies and markets in 2018: Room to run, inflation comeback and reduced reward for risk. T... Scenes from the Crypto Crackhouse 2018-1-14 18:47:34 I’m speechless after reading this article. You will be too. Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not (New York Tim... This Week on TRB 2018-1-13 17:54:17 This week we moved into our new office space on Bryant Park in New York City. You can read about the details of how Newmark K... Clips From Todays Halftime Report 2018-1-13 02:29:10 Twitter, Jacobs Engineering, Industrials & Citigroup from CNBC. ... Article Source : I think I know what were supposed to do 2018-1-12 19:24:16 I think I know what we’re supposed to be doing in this world. When we see someone who is fighting to make their dream come tr... Dont mess with the money 2018-1-12 15:15:07 Here’s something you may not have known – that massive protest in Iran was initially caused by a financial fraud that wiped o... Life Moves Pretty Fast 2018-1-12 15:15:06 In the classic 80’s movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look... Low Spreads Low Inflation = Low Volatility 2018-1-12 13:09:18 During the first four days of 2018, U.S. stocks rose 2.50% and the VIX Index, a measure of implied volatility, never closed a... Clips From Todays Halftime Report 2018-1-12 02:54:21 Mastercard, Jacobs Engineering, NRG Energy, Delta & Regional Banks from CNBC. ... Article Source : When did rates bottom? 2018-1-11 16:39:17 A fun chart I whipped up looking at Treasury bond yields by maturity, just for a frame of reference now that everyone’s carry... Size 2018-1-11 14:35:45 TV people think that the size of an investor’s fund is some sort of indicator of how right that person’s market calls will be... 5 mindset shifts to give your portfolio a nudge 2018-1-11 14:35:42 By now, some of you may be suffering from a mild case of resolution-fatigue, an overload of helpful suggestions on how to mak... Clips From Todays Halftime Report 2018-1-11 01:40:06 Lincoln National, Sears, Hasbro, Steris & Amicus Therapeutics from CNBC. ... Article Source :
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